Expression Artist

I'm an expression artist.

My work could not be displayed in a museum and would not include actual artifacts.

Time and space are my canvas.

I create moments.

Built up situations.

I bring meaning into my actions.

Every situation is directed down to it's details.

There's a storyline and script for every moment I express.

Seems like I live a sequence of creations.

  Vaudeville performerLike a 

An audience is accidental.

Either between me and myself or between me and the world – the show must go on.

A perceptive eye can capture my references. 

I'm Patti Smith in a wide brim hat on my way to the market.

I'm Audrey Hepburn in a striped shirt sitting on the balcony.

I'm Lady Gaga when in my mermaid hair.

I'm Charlie Chaplin sipping wine by myself on New Year's Eve.

It's tragic really.
How much I am aware of my existence.

Is it still art if I can't sell it?

Happy New Year! ["The Gold Rush"/ Charlie Chaplin]
♡ ϟ Fellaw Expression Artist:

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