Men FW Milano + 3 hours of sleep

Men Fashion Week for A/W 2013/14 is upon us and besides the glamorous atmosphere, the demonstration of crafted styling and the street bets for who's gonna win to get in the show and who's not, there are two true reasons to be exited:
1| Men might actually have the chance to finally fully legitimize fashion statements on the street next year [and I'm not talking about "street style"]. Seems like men have "suffered" until now from social boundaries that held back the general idea of expression through clothes. Lately the gender-bender movement gained momentum and as it's fundamental values are becoming popular, gender differences are being blurred and soon men will be able to cry without anyone judging them. Men-skirting attempts has been done before by King Mark Jacobs, comme de garcon and the Irish. But my greatest respect goes to beginning promising designers, that are founding their legacy on the usage of controversial designs in their first shows and by doing so, they mark and sharp a certain fashion milestone, transforming it from a crazy statement to "normal" and an acceptable way of expression.
But who wants to be normal?!
Exactly! Legitimizing more and more statements will push us to pursue more qualities and new ways to provoke. So basically we're left with only.. Endless ideas for creations and innovations. Can't wait to see what would it be this year.

:Men-skirting by young designers
Henrik Vibskov - Fall 2012                            Alexandre Plokhov - Fall 2012

(Photos taken from Style.com)

2| I'm proud to unveil - The reason I'll be zigzagging like a legless zombie between the shows today:
Hand-maid business cards
Stayed up all night making them. The result - Worth it!
The idea behind it is that you can reflect the card on a friend's face/ body and see how they would look in each style. Everyone of them is one of a kind, which one do you like?

Stay tuned <3

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