MMFW A/W 2013/14 - Day #1 - Continues

Armed with my "space shoes" and a silly-somebody-please-slap-me smile on my face, I was prompt and set on my mission to mingle.

What a wonderful convention!
After two, quite disappointing months here in Milan, I felt like an exiled Irish prisoner that returned to his clan. 
As expected, I met some fantastic persons that were kind enough to share there own personal manifesto, conclusions and visions regarding fashion.

One of them is Danilo

Danilo mesmerized me and I was drawn to him between the audience. He was standing there, quiet and outstanding. We got into talking when I asked "what do you do?", he smiled and said "I'm an employer Madam, I just love fashion". This heart melting confession maid my day. According to Danilo, fashion can be a very stressful business and he would rather enjoy the fruits of the industry.
His eclectic style drew my attention again "The birds on my hat use to be Christmass decorations, and the studs on my shoes are actually children's play-stickers".
"I love dressing up" he throws yet another confession, "why should I dress like this only for disco or a fancy evening? I like to be like this all the time and everybody should dress up every day". As I felt it's time to pay him back with a confession I mentioned the time I went grocery-shopping in a Lanvin dress.
The reason I decided to amplify this acquaintance, is because Danilo cleared out in a few wards everything I ever thought about personal style and reminded me the reason I got into fashion in the first place!
Grazie Amico Strano ;)

Walking around, we enjoyed some more creative folks and familiar faces such as Franca Sozzani and Anna Delo russo

Anna Dello Russo

Skirting like a boss! #Superficial

Eleonora Carissi

Franca Sozzani

Photographer: The lovely John Hadjiandreou

More to come

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