PRADA plays with LEGO - Men A/W 2013-14

A gloomy ambiance oozed me as we entered the Fondazione PRADA.
In the dark hall we were welcomed by a heavy atmosphere that was composed by dim lights that seem to be there only to emphasize the presence of the furniture pieces on the runway, a result of a collaboration with furniture design company Knoll.

Miuccia does it again. Proves she is the ultimate game master by not only designing clothes that are appealing, but designing the way you would move and look in them, and basically designs the way you would wear her clothes in a way that sets the massage behind the collection. That way the wearer is an ambassador of a greater purpose. a player in her game.

The intelligent idea behind the set is quite creepy when you come to think of it.
The scenery on the runway was built from a rather 'pixely' looking and colorful furniture that was composed into a sharp and clean small living room spots. Laid in accurate straight angles, the furniture layout reminded me of a "Simpsons" living room or a saved game of Simcity. 
Screens on the walls displayed pop-art video presentations with graphic elements, house interiors, plants and animals.
So far so good, only dry facts right?

Once the models started coming out I was thrown into a time vortex and landed in my parents living room, eating cheetos and fighting with my younger brother over the PS joystick.
The heavy creepers on the model's feet MADE them walk in a funny way. As if they were LEGO figures or a computer simulation of fine looking men in your future dream house.
If talking about time-vortex and video games didn't set on the right mind for the nerd-fest, the geek chic spectacles and the ruffles in the button-up shirts probably will do the trick.
To accentuate the reference to graphics, the basic cohesiveness elements were the color-blocking and the color palette that was compound entirely from primary colors and secondary colors.

Think Austin Powers goes tetris.

The music was actually a quick shifting between songs of different genres - hip-hip to classic to experimental pop to jazz. In my opinion it was a reference to the everyday life pace which is quick and compound from different kinds of events throughout the day.

In conclusion, world domination is a mind chess game, and at Prada they have perfected the method.
Trust Miuccia to use her wit and humor and weave it into a sophisticated collection.
If she means to create a world of robotic men that walks and looks the way she dictates, behold she found a way to do that.

Photographer: John Hadjiandreu

Hope you got smarter.

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