MMFW A/W 2013/14 - Day #2

Day two of MMFW escalated pretty quickly.
From showing up a little too late to the Vivienne Westwood show [Mascara issues], to a glorious arriving to the PRADA show - Thanks to our good friend Paulo.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I felt so integrated.
Maybe that one time at..
Nah.. it's not it..

We didn't have much time to click some shoots before the show but I believe this one's worth any crazy outfit we could shoot:

Happy John + ADR in PRADA total look

She was extremely nice and breezy, I guess that after this encounter I got a better understanding of her personal image. 

I'll let you in a little secret - Every once in a while I stumble upon an inspiring muse that throws me into a journey of internet combing, digging for more and more pieces of information about the natural behavior and fundamental qualities of that certain person.
My main stalking efforts concentrates on Youtube, searching for interviews and short documentary videos. And as a visual person, I enjoy analyzing the way they move and talk when they express a personal point of view. When I find a person inspiring [Not necessarily a famous person!], I like to explore the origin of their character and what builds it.
I hope it's less creepy when I put it that way. #Anthropology

So going back to AdR, I found this video that shows her self-deprecating humor which I find very inspiring:

A whole apartment in Milan just as a giant wardrobe. Big deal, I use my whole wardrobe as an apartment.

To the PRADA show, I arrived ready with my sketchbook and notepad to document all my insights 

Photo by John Hadjiandreau

Photo by John Hadjiandreau

Inspired by Anna Dello Russo's appearance in MMFW, I added my series of business cards a custom maid one with her iconic accessories, and won the privilege of giving it to her personally.

The iconic Hyper Cherry headband by Piers Atkinson, and earrings and neck-piece from her collaboration with H&M [Which I know damn well after staying up until 5:00 and spending an entire night with my colleagues, building the in-store area and tying every piece to it's box. Was really fun though :)] 
I'm pretty pleased with the result and the fortunate chain of events, what do you think?

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