MMFW A/W 2013/14 - Day #2

Day two of MMFW escalated pretty quickly.
From showing up a little too late to the Vivienne Westwood show [Mascara issues], to a glorious arriving to the PRADA show - Thanks to our good friend Paulo.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I felt so integrated.
Maybe that one time at..
Nah.. it's not it..

We didn't have much time to click some shoots before the show but I believe this one's worth any crazy outfit we could shoot:

Happy John + ADR in PRADA total look

PRADA plays with LEGO - Men A/W 2013-14

A gloomy ambiance oozed me as we entered the Fondazione PRADA.
In the dark hall we were welcomed by a heavy atmosphere that was composed by dim lights that seem to be there only to emphasize the presence of the furniture pieces on the runway, a result of a collaboration with furniture design company Knoll.


MMFW A/W 2013/14 - Day #1 - Continues

Armed with my "space shoes" and a silly-somebody-please-slap-me smile on my face, I was prompt and set on my mission to mingle.

What a wonderful convention!
After two, quite disappointing months here in Milan, I felt like an exiled Irish prisoner that returned to his clan. 
As expected, I met some fantastic persons that were kind enough to share there own personal manifesto, conclusions and visions regarding fashion.

One of them is Danilo

MMFW A/W 2013/14 - Day #1

Brace yourselves - The Fashion Week posts are coming!

My first Fashion Week experience started on the street, outside of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. With talented Johny boy, we captured a few fun moments in a hit of a flash.


Men FW Milano + 3 hours of sleep

Men Fashion Week for A/W 2013/14 is upon us and besides the glamorous atmosphere, the demonstration of crafted styling and the street bets for who's gonna win to get in the show and who's not, there are two true reasons to be exited:
1| Men might actually have the chance to finally fully legitimize fashion statements on the street next year [and I'm not talking about "street style"]. Seems like men have "suffered" until now from social boundaries that held back the general idea of expression through clothes. Lately the gender-bender movement gained momentum and as it's fundamental values are becoming popular, gender differences are being blurred and soon men will be able to cry without anyone judging them. Men-skirting attempts has been done before by King Mark Jacobs, comme de garcon and the Irish. But my greatest respect goes to beginning promising designers, that are founding their legacy on the usage of controversial designs in their first shows and by doing so, they mark and sharp a certain fashion milestone, transforming it from a crazy statement to "normal" and an acceptable way of expression.
But who wants to be normal?!
Exactly! Legitimizing more and more statements will push us to pursue more qualities and new ways to provoke. So basically we're left with only.. Endless ideas for creations and innovations. Can't wait to see what would it be this year.

:Men-skirting by young designers
Henrik Vibskov - Fall 2012                            Alexandre Plokhov - Fall 2012


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