Christmas Commercialized

"Fashion is essentially a game of hide and seek between seduction and privacy"
- James Laver

That said, who have thought I would dig out such a treasure at an H&M store?!
The quote is taken from a biblical gem - my Christmas present for myself this year - "Fashion ads of the 20th century" published by TASCHEN.
It's 365 pages [Intentional digits - one for every day of the year] contains great fashion advertising milestones including beautifully detailed illustrations from the 1920's and Photo shoots by Annie Leibovitz [Amazing portraits craftswoman] sidelong Steven Meisel's controversial 95' campaign photos for Calvin Klein. All images are taken from Jim Heimann's varied collection.

Right to left: "Fashion ads of the 20th century", "FASHION NOW" #TASCHEN

The other book [You didn't possibly expect I'll stop at one purchase, did you?!] is "FASHION NOW" also published by TASCHEN and yet to be unwrapped from it's plastic cover.
So my main conclusions about it is that it smells good and the cover seems promising so I'm all hopes.
Oh yes, I just did judged a book by it's cover, but with a title like that it's kinda challenging me as an intelligent reader.
Also the back of the cover mentions a quote by Elle, Madrid, claiming this is the bible of fashion. Well.. According to that and due to my dubious affection for religious statements, thy shall relate to it as Test Subject #2.
My official conclusions will be weaved within the next posts.

Meanwhile I'd like to share two of my favorite advertisements, so far,  from "Fashion ads of the 20th century", both of them are by Maidenform bras. Both from 1961 - rise and reclaiming of feminism in the 20th century. This ads empowered feminine intimacy in a personal level, not necessarily in a sexual way. The ad is using strong icons such as Cleopatra and a Caesar's chariot to promote a powerful and conscious image of women. 
I see what they did there - if I wear that bra I'll become ambitious and assertive!
Well, advertising does exists to increase sales, I'm just glad their appealing the right audience with the right content.
Judge for yourselves:
"I dreamed I barged down the Nile in my Maidenform bra" - 1961

 "I dreamed I drove them wild in my Maidenform bra" - 1961 and the OH so related quote by Vivienne Westwood - "It's better to look important then sexy."
 These photos were edited in my android with an app called picsart. I warmly recommend it to anyone that is looking for more then a "cool filter" to add to their photos. I dare say it's practically like a  Photoshop on your mobile.

It's not really a happy new year until someone is pun-intending with this ultimate quote:

Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

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