End Of Ze World

It's common to envision the end of the world as a fire-works show.
volcanoes erupt glamorously, hot lava streams lavishly down the streets, asteroids cuts through the atmosphere and shake earth out of it's course.
We all watched enough movies and got pumped up about it by all sorts of media to think about it at least once in our lives. Extreme cases even admit they're prepared for zombies take-over.

Well it's already an hour, here in Milan, after the supposed alien invasion and we're all still alive. Alive and kicking!

Imagine to wake up to a world where you are the only human left. You wake up late at noon, you're drinking coca-cola for breakfast and you spend your afternoon rioting the streets half naked. Indifferent for how you look or the reason in your deeds.

foux leather jacket - Roco &Lulu, galaxy tights - Romwe, hooflike booties - loui & lei

After a while, just a little after realizing you're the only person you're ever gonna have an intelligent conversation with, acute sense sneaks in to your daily schedule.
The only way to mollify that feeling is to make yourself believe someone is watching. Maybe there is someone out there that follows you and study you to make sure an interaction is safe.
coat - H&M, tulle dress - A+, laced bunny ears - H&M

That's when you start directing your moves. You start to live in micro-scenes and everything you do suddenly holds great meaning. An explanation. You make excuses for the secret stalker to try and interpret in reason of your every action.

bat dress - H&M, hooflike booties - loui & lei, full finger ring - H&M

Small corners around the city holds potential for an insightful image, a meaningful moment.
Would you like you if you know you?

eye lace mask - Accessorize

How far would it take you to realize no one is watching?

Photographer: Anton Bjorkman 
Styling: Tal Bahr

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