End Of Ze World

It's common to envision the end of the world as a fire-work show.
Volcanoes erupt glamorously, hot lava streams lavishly down the streets, asteroids cut through the atmosphere and shake earth out of it's course.
Lately, with the clock ticking backwards on the ancient prophesy this thought creeped in at least once. What will I do if the world ends tomorrow? Do I have enough canned beans?
Life's short. Should I text my ex?

It's already an hour, here in Milan, after the the big show was supposed to start according to Mayan predictions. And we're all still alive. Very disappointing..

Imagine to wake up to a world where you are the only human left. You wake up late in the afternoon, you eat dried candy for breakfast (who's gonna stop you?) and you spend your evening trashing the streets wearing designers couture you looted earlier (because it's the latest dress code. Set by you). Indifferent for how you look or the reason in your deeds.

foux leather jacket - Roco &Lulu, galaxy tights - Romwe, hooflike booties - loui & lei

After a few days of passing by empty houses, empty malls, empty streets, you begin embracing the fact that you are indeed lonely. Acute sensation sneaks in to your daily routine. You stop by every mirror and spend a few minutes talking to yourself, running random thoughts through different characters in your mind.
One day, you follow your daily schedule.
Eat junk.
Wear Armani.
Set a random house on fire.
Relics of old world etiquette make you feel like this is wrong, what if someone is watching..
Maybe there is someone out there. You are not alone anymore and they simply hide really well and study your behavior to learn how to approach you.
Be approachable.
Look nice.
coat - H&M, tulle dress - A+, laced bunny ears - H&M

That's when you start directing your moves. You look around and start to live in micro-scenes. Everything you do suddenly holds great meaning and explanation. You make excuses for the hidden stalker to show there's reason behind your actions.
Here I am pouring juice. Here I am simply scratching my head. Here I am minding my own business. Here, I carry my pet bowling ball around just in case I'll have to break a window to loot a locked store.

bat dress - H&M, hooflike booties - loui & lei, full finger ring - H&M

You keep in mind the guiding question - would you like you if you met you?

eye lace mask - Accessorize

How long would it take you to except the fact no one is watching?

Photographer: Anton Bjorkman 
Styling: Tal Bahr

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